I visited tate modern  museum for Alexander Calder exhibition.

His works contains some movement, like balance, swing, and turn.

And some works which is people face and  made of only wire is very interesting for me, because the expression of shadow of his works and real works are different.

Moreover his drawing has only simple line, like graphic drawing.However surprisingly it become seems 3D drawing when I stare it.



Today we made pair and sketch each movement by using some materials.Then I find out one movement from my pair. It is gymnastics. I can not do the movement,so I really wonder why she feel comfortable gymnastics posing rather than feel pain.People who have soft body can move such as general people can not do.That is why I think gymnastics movement could be entertainment for the public.



I did not do anything for  MOVEMENT project ,because of I work very hard for  SMALL CHANGE project. So I develop my idea and design today.

I did good research and develop idea, but when I  started thinking the design, I often got stuck on this project. I do not know why, but I did not just come up with any idea before today.And then my friend lent me the book which is Escher‘s portfolio book.

His works use people's optical illusion.I think it similar to soft body, because we can enjoy the sight of both.I took up some Escher's work in my development.These are very helpfulness for me.



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