I draw three ideas for MEMORIES project in the morning class today, but I like only one of my ideas which has print pattern.When we did presentation our own idea to classmates each group,I got some feedback and everyone gave me same advice that your favorite idea is better for applying BA fashion print,so you develop the idea.My idea is came inspiration from Emakimono which is Japanese old picture book.My first design could expand by pull the rope and one of my classmate gave me advice that you should expand your work on whole of the body,because you can approach fashion courses. In SCAMPER lecture, I could create one good design,so I will research more and develop two design and then I will choose one.SCAMPER lecture gave me good way for come up with design.Actually think about new design and drawing for short time, but the experience makes me come up with design, such as I can not design by thinking for long time.So I will tried it when I will get stuck about developing the design. At museum collection, we make pair, observed and guessed about the works of CSM students.How attach it on the body,what is material used,how did make.The work which we choose has 4 pieces which are two rings that can through 4 fingers and two long stick that have curve shape.We were given one picture that the model wear the work and she pose that she bend forward and scratch something.The pose is like an animal.We could understand how to put rings on the body from this photo.However we could not find out sticks in the photo.The curve shape of sticks and her round-shouldered is very similar,so we guessed the sticks is used for suppose the body.The truth is the sticks are putted on the arm inside clothing.In addition the design is come from the pose of a bronze statue and the work make person pose that is same as the bronze statue.



Today was crit day, and BA tutor came to see our presentation.

I was so nervous, so I prepare the script for crit, but we have to do presentation with portfolio.I was careful to have portfolio,so I often miss which part of my script did I already speak or not.

My hands trembled before crit. However after finished presentation.I felt I got used to speak in front of people.It means I should practice and have experience to do crit many times for I can do it well.



I learned new skill from Karla, it is soldering metal.

When I saw Karla was doing soldering and any skill, it seems like easy.However, it is so hard and difficult for me.

I decided the design and to use metal workshop on this project, I should use that more once during I am Jewellery student, because It is very precious experience.



Today I tutorial with Georgia about MEMORIES project.

I got stuck about how to make my work, because my design was too 2D, so I have to change the shape and design a little bit.

I thought I am going to make a part of my work which is print pattern by using embroidery skill, but Georgia said me it is 2D.And then she suggest me you use felt for making print pattern.

Actually, embroidery is better for apply fashion print course,but I am going to use felt, and  on the other hand I will embroidery for making sample and paste on sketch book.



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