I researched about plastic and recycle and decided the concept of this project. I draw one design per 30 seconds in today’s class.It created some idea that use plastic.However, I need to melt some kind of plastic and connect for making the design.My tutor said me doing it is too difficult for my skill,because the temperature that melt some kind of plastic is different each and you should change the idea.I told her that I want to go BA fashion print and introduce print pattern into my work, and I also research about rubbish heap.She gave me advice that develop idea with bin.After that I took many photo of the bin at CSM.



I showed my tutor my drawing of bin collage in the last class before christmas holiday.She suggest me to learn how to use photoshop by the staff of digital media room and make print pattern by using it.It was complex and difficult for me ,because I have not used almost function of photoshop, but I got used to use it more smoothly than before.



I print the photo of bin and drawing and make two type of pattern that are the color texture of bin by using tracing paper and organdy, and I also draw the black and white texture of bin on the black paper.After the class, I showed my sketch book to two my friends and asked them feedback that which one is more interesting. One of them said that she prefer the color one, because it is not looks like bin and lovely.The other my friend said that she prefer monochrome ,because it is looks like bin,but some parts of texture is looks like a face of human,car , hands, and other things.My concept is "rubbish heap that is dirty image and smell place,but necessary for our living.And I hope the image of rubbish heap will change and this place will be interesting place for people.That is why I choose to use the color texture.



Today was tutorial day of SMALL CHANGE.That is why I develop idea of this project today.I made two type of print pattern for making the scarf,but I thought the shape of scarf which is square and simple is boring at last night.So I researched the designers who use print fabric for making clothing for developing the shape.And then, I hold paper and made some kind of shape,like origami. I showed my idea to tutor and he said you will make the scarf first. After that if you have time, you should try to make jewellery with same print pattern.I also ask him about fabric for my work,because of some kind of fabric are taken high cost.I decided to use cotton at last.



I am confuse, because I do not have idea how can I develop design of print pattern today.I will need to ask tutor about that.



I met my friends who is a student of CSM other foundation course at the cafe.We told our each the present state about study.She is textile student and told me what is she doing in the class these day, and how is the sketch book of textile and fashion.Her talking is good information for me, because I would like to go fashion print.I asked her my idea of small change.And then she gave me feedback that she prefer bandana than scarf and she is going to pay £6?7 for my work.I think the print pattern is suit people’s head ,not neck.Anyway I will order the company that make digital print fabric tomorrow.



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