Today is the first time that I and Nikita met as a partner of this project.We ask about us each other for understanding about partner,like his personality, favorite and things which he is interested in.In my opinion, he is very talkative and has various knowledge,for example, religion,politics, and foreign culture,especially Asian.However I do not have much knowledge about every things that I am not interested in and my English skill was not good for giving him my specific information.Then his talking made me think that I do not need only knowledge of things that I am interested in and have relation with my area,but also that of other things more widely to investigate my area.



I continue to do making my work today. I sewing around my work which is a pattern was covered with leather.It was the first time and so difficult to sew leather for me,because the leather has hard surface, but I used normal type of a sewing needle and can not through the needle into leather easily. As a next step, I decided to introduce print pattern in my work, because I would like to go BA fashion print.Actually I do not have idea how to make and develop the print pattern.I draw many print pattern entirely on the leather as sample first whenever I came up with idea.And then I learn to do something, like drawing and put my idea out is better than just thinking idea in my brain.



We could not make sense about each other well yesterday, so we caught detail information of partner better by send many picture of our own favorite and interested in.

I found out common feature from pictures of men.It is men have long hair and mustache Then I guess these image of man are his ideal image.It means he want to be like these men in appearance.In addition,I connect that with the image from his present appearance that is monotone and wear clothes which do not have print pattern.

Actually I was suffer from these, because I prefer and usually use color on my work.However, I should respect his favorite style on this project.So I will try to be going without color.But I think it may be good chance to have new experience by make work that is different type of my usual work.



Today was crit day,so I was nervous and could not sleep well last night. I need to consider very hard about how is my explanation can make everyone understand clearly, because my English skill is lower than my classmate.However I was so nervous and forgot some English words when I was doing presentation and I guessed everyone could not make sense about my idea well.That is why I thought over my presentation.In addition, I saw the presentations of my european classmates.I could make sense the concept of their works, but could not understand deeply, and I could not ask them some question.In my opinion, the most important for designers is to make others understand about our own work’s concept.I thought that I have to do study English more that is useful for presentation.



My partner has long hair and then I consider he needs the mustache for become his ideas of the perfect man.So I decided to be going to make my work that is like mustache.I prepare some pictures of men who are like that man and some kind of leather that I am going to use as a skin on my work.I ask him which is you are interested in and choose one each.The theme of this project is “BESPOKE”,that is why I need to ask him and approach his favorite. In my opinion,he does not have mustache,so the mustache is not real for him.In addition, he prefer SF movies.I mean the mustache and SF movies have things in common which is daydream.So I will express the daydream=incompleteness by I will make the mustache for not whole of out line of the faith, for only half of that.I measured the size of his face and make a pattern,but the shape which I want to make is complexity.I was confuse how can I make the shape for his size and I tried to do that many times, like to hold paper and cut it.



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