3DDA (WEEK9-10)



Today is the first class after Diagnostic students separated each path way.And Diagnostic students do project with specialist from today.We made the group each area(ASD,PDC, and JFFA).I chosen JFFA and we showed and explained our own research of this project that the theme is "FEED".I feel there are difference between specialists' and diagnostic students' sketchbook.Specialists have much research and drawing on the sketchbook and it is very clearly.I should learn how to make good sketchbook by specialists.



>How did looking at student work this morning inform your own?

-I could look at some great sketchbook, and also I could not understand some student's idea development from sketchbook.Then I noticed my sketchbook is not clear for others can understand about my ideas development.Because some drawing of my idea developing was drawn in wrong order.Of course,I can understand my idea.but I think some other people can not may understand about that.

>Have design sheets furthered the development of your ideas?

-No.Because I noticed my sketchbook is may unclear for others understand about my idea development.So when I started making design sheets,I was so confused how can I make design sheets clearly and good for understanding.

>What feedback did you get from group presentations?

-My group mate gave me some advice for the material."You shouldn't use paper,because it is too flat.You have to make 3D shape.And your work is extended to upper side. if you want to express the food is like floating I suggest you make your work extend more other direction like front and back of the face." Actually, I worried what the materials should I use for express the fruits on the last class and asked a teacher.He gave me some advices "You should use paper for making fruits and make fruits are looks like escape from the packaging,jumping out." I am suffering with these opposite advices.But I am going to try to make model that focus on the 3D shape by using the paper fruits.I combine paper fruits and make 3D shape. In addition,I was given the feedback about "how to attach your work on the body?"I did not consider about that well yet.Then they gave me good ideas" How about make your work fit on the jaw or hang from the ears."So I will making the model first,and try to attach the body.

>Do you need to do more research to develop your proposal?

-Yes.Because I need to develop my idea more for attaching on the body.After the class, I came up with the idea that in the water has similar environment to in the universe.For example,there are not air and people and things can float (It is like zero gravity).So I pour shaving gel instead of the water into the vacuum packaging with paper fruits,because before eat space food(dry food),the astronauts pour water into the package for melting food.

>How can your design sheets improve?

-My idea is very simple thinking,so I think I do not need to write much explanatory note on the sheet.I tried to consider layout of design sheets, but I could not know is it good layout for others can understand easily my idea.I need to ask teacher and my classmate about it.



Material association workshop at this morning.

>How did you find the workshop changed or reinforced your understanding of material choices?

-The workshop made my thinking for material more broaden,like I need to research function of material, what is the function used for and who does feel the function is convenient.The workshop made me realize I should more deep research about materials.In addition,I could find out interesting point of the material that I was not interested in before today.The Velcro is very useful for our living,especially for children.The representative products which is used the velcro is the shoes and toy.Peeling two components dose not need strong power.It means children,old people and everyone can use easily.I did not have such as thinking during independent research.


>Have you been able today to identify an idea or concept for your project?

-No.Because, I had decided to use an material(vacuum packaging) and had some ideas before today's workshop,but after that, I am interested in the Velcro.I am torn  between the vacuum packaging and the velcro.So I should do research more about two materials and decide an idea,also concept.


>How is your research supporting your development?

I research space foods and how to eat it.I consider these connect with the environment that is zero gravity.I got idea from not only photo but also movie which astronaut is eating.They eat in different environment with earth,so I can find out interesting point of the situation of their eating.For example,they do not usually use dishes,they open a food packaging and eat directly.Actually,it is not good manor in my country.In addition,research about artist who use the material which is used for space food,and same the environment.These research give me good ideas that how to make my work.


>How do you feel the project is developing?

I think that my research is not enough now,and I worry about the theme of my research is a little bit narrow for my view.So must expand my horizons, see the theme from different point of view,and more expand research.On the other side,I could get good inspiration that is movement of people and things in universe(zero gravity) from my research.


I will do more research about materials and for develop ideas,and try to make the models of my idea as the next step.The most important step is I should be look for the vacuum packaging which is plastic bag in the store as best size as my idea.Because looking for big one that is for clothes and bedding is familiar our living and easily at the store.But I need smaller size like for food.



We made design sheets today and did group tutorial with tutor.I asked the tutor about the layout of design sheets.I did not know I can collage on the sheets, and tutor said me "your collage with drawing is very good,so you should do same thing on the sheets."I could make sense about how should I make sheets.I have to  finish making the model of my idea until day after tomorrow, because we have the presentation on ThursdayI already draw final idea on the sketchbook,so I started making the model from after the class.



>What did I do?

-I was given feedback about my ideas and concept by classmates,"you should consider about materials and how to make your work".So I develop my idea then made the model of my work and develop idea by trial and error,,,,,,,,repetitive.


>What did it make me think?

-I was considering about what is the material which has durability for heavy material and compatibility,like could be changed the shape today.And also how to fit my work on the body.I would like to express food is floating by zero gravity like release or escape from the package and its movement.When I think about the latter, I could connect my concept with the sense that people feel in zero gravity,Actually, I have never gone to universe,but I guess astronauts feel sense same as when ride the roller coater and fall,like my brain and internal organs is floating and going away.


>What will I do next time?

-I could decided to choose one from my ideas and the material(the vacuum packaging) that I want to use it mainly for my work.Today I made the model and was given feedback by classmate and a tutor,"how to make and what materials will you use for the part of around head?","I think the part of below the jaw is not necessary","You should make bigger the movement of food and make your work more expand to upper".So I am going to make some patterns of models of my idea by using some types of materials.And then, more develop idea by my response of the models.





I was making the model yesterday,but I faced one problem that I could not attach materials.I do not know why,because I tried to use the some type of  glue for each materials.I think using glue gun is better way,and can make quickly.Unfortunately, other class booked our studious,so I could not borrow the glue gun.That is why I will continue make the model tomorrow morning before the crit.



I could finish making the model by using glue gun before the presentation. Actually, I can not say that my work is successfully,because I wanted to extend tube to up side, but the wire is weak for supporting the weight of the ball that was made of many paper fruits.That is why the wire did not stand up to upper.But My fail was introduced by the tutor after presentation front of classmates.Then some classmate gave me the advice for my work will be good and how to take the photo of my work.I adopted some advices that I edit the photo by photoshop, and I collage the photo same as my ideal for my idea.I could have some experience,for example failed to creative work,mistake to choose the materials.I would like to change these mistake to success on next project.





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