The 3DDA class started from today,and the first project was Jewellery.Jewellery is a part of fashion ,so I was looking for ward to attending this class.

At this time,we drawing our own ten ideas Jewellery about three key words "Surround","Suspend","Balance" each other on the sketch book,we choose one idea from those, and we made works by using materials that teacher gave us,like paper sticks soft wood stick,tape,strings,wire.Actually,I have an idea that the most favorite for me,but I needed heavy material like metal for showing characteristic of my idea.Moreover,my partner gave me feedback about this idea "I think it is difficult to make this idea by using these materials of this time",so I decided to develop another my idea.

The idea that I was inspiration from " Suspend" was not enough for developing idea,so I add the element of " Balance".My work is not earring,used as ear cuff.Many small wood sticks were putted on the a side of strings.It is inspiration from bagworm.This ear cuff will give people unbalance by was moved like pendulum by weight of this own and people move their own face.

I like  this my work,but I consider it need to have more volume of a part that wood sticks.Because the shape of present my work is long vertical,however,my idea is more expand horizontal.So next step is I have to consider about how to make my work have more volume.I am thinking that should add more strings and continue to put more wood sticks or use more thick wood sticks.

I thinking about my work suit monotone color or simple background,so I tried to take 2 type of photos which are contrastive.I prefer the photo that I took photo of my work with the dark color,because the shape of the ear cuff was looked more attractive than another photo.





>Do you feel more familiar with the Product Design ? Ceramics Pathway?

-Yes.Actually, I was not interested in this pathway before attend the class,but I could understand about how is this pathway, what do we make mainly, and be enjoyed making works today.


>Which stage of the design process(Research,idea generation,3D development) did you enjoy most?and why?

-I feel idea generation was the most enjoyment,because the chair is very familiar with our living and I could imagine easily that how to use the chair of my idea ,so I could develop my idea smoothly today.Moreover, I found out new discovery that there are various type of people how to sit down on the chair :they put their foot on the chair,they use the chair as a table.These are common situation in our living,but I did not notice it is very interesting thing for making the chair.


>Why do designers have such a fascination with the chair?

-Because, their works simple but not nomad like have functional, and simple design is very useful for everywhere and suit anywhere:cafe,school,museum.That is why their works was loved for long time.


>Make a plan to  document todays project in your sketch book.

-Drawing my work for showing how to use that.A part of my work can moving, so I will show some pattern and situation depend on how does people sit on that by drawing and picture. 





Today's class was the last project before the first tutorials.This project is about architecture.The first of all we made two types of solid figure each group by using bamboo sticks and plastic bands.Its process was the most difficult for me in this project,because no one is in my group who is good at math.So we were very confuse when constructed the solid figure that have complex shape and  suffer from that.That is why we took more time than other group for making structures.More over,these shape was not good,like each lines are not same length.However,on the next step that connect two solid figures,we were success.Because,the line of middle of our work is seems like curve and going towards the sky.I really like this shape.Actually the structure has only straight lines.

We connect only two shapes at this time,but I guess connecting some numbers of solid figure has possibly more interesting  shape.







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