Fashion & Textile(WEEK5)



>What is your understand up of primary research?

-In my opinion,primary research is the first step of all for making works.It is collecting things that I am interested in,drawing many ideas that just come up with,and after that go to next step,develop ideas.I do not know that whether it is collect or not,but  I understood about primary research in the class like that.


>After today,is the fashion ?Textiles pathway are you would consider?and why?

-Of course Yes, but it is not after today.I have considered about the Fashion ? Textiles pathway at the first of all.However, I would like to know how is the textile well.Now,I am just interested in that.


>Today was all about process,how do you go about developing your primary research into design development?

-I developed idea that connect two shapes from primary research(drawing the interesting shape of structures on the sketchbook.), but it was not success.Because I could not come up with ideas quickly, and connected shapes without thinking well.That is why my ideas were so boring for me.However,when I translate my ideas to the big paper and put on the body,these could have unique silhouette.It means my ideas were not interesting on the paper(2D),but these could be better as 3D shape.After that I drawing my works on the sketchbook by using some drawing skills;continue line,blind drawing,collage,negative space.I prefer continue line,because I could draw well compare with other skills,and understand  details of the shape when I drawing with the skill.I would like to try to make works with another things,for example, daily necessities,mark,words....

by using same process of this projects.








Today's project"Fashion illustration" is one of the project that I was looking forward to doing very much.We drawing models who were wear clothing by stylist by using some skills of drawing that we used yesterday.I am so interested in the skill of continue line, and like my drawing by using this skill,because I always can draw well.The worst skill for me are negative space,because I could not understand well about it.That is why my drawing are always terrible when I used this skill.Moreover We could use only monotone color.It was boring for me,because I prefer colorful drawing and consider like Fashion=have color.At the afternoon,We started using color material,so I could have fun.However, I could not have favorite works from my sketchbook today.I guess I should use more various materials.It means should draw with two or more different type of materials.I would like to buy new materials and do challenge this project again.In addition, I sometimes draw slowly,so practice more more more with picture from collection of some fashion brands for can drawing quickly and use color better than today.



>Describe  the process of translating an inspiration/primary research into a design base?

-At the first,I used some process of drawing of objects.Then I focus on the texture of objects and color.The texture has the color originally, but that could be better than original and different image by changing color or different process of drawing.So I use one process that draw and collage texture into design.


>How has using different recording processes informed your work?

-The process that drawing a part of objects by using the paper that was cut off small square was difficult for me,because I had to draw more detail of objects than normal drawing.and drawing on the each of group mates sketchbook by using one and different  skill of drawing each other was also difficult.We have to understand about their drawing(like which skills did they use,understand the place and scale of objects on the sketchbook), and draw quickly.Drawing detail told me some things, like how to use colors and contrast for getting better about work.


>From observation /development work(todays creations)where could you go next?

-I used objects which are artifact and making shape by own, so I would like to make work with nature,like shadow,and develop with the process of collage.In addition make clothing that is include the  texture of my work.










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