The class of PDP started from today.The reason why I choose PDP is I am interested in costume design,but so nervous about have to do performance.At the first of the class,we drawing movement of partner as pare work in the white room.The teacher give me advice that I should draw bigger on whole page of sketchbook.After that,we discussed about our drawing and movement with partner for making costume for the body that connected with movement.We got hint from "smooth" movement and did came up with the idea that the stream of water and movement of dominoes are very similar.However we couldn't have good idea about the costume,so we tried to make that first by using some materials.when considering about the size of costume,our idea is from river,so should make big movement.That's why we decided to make our work for 2 people.


dominoes of cardboard


 our work(using long stick is for express unstable like a wave)

At the finally,we show our performance for presentation. We focused on the effect that our move give the costume and made big movement for shaking cloth and dominoes. My and my partner's English skill is not good,but we stated our own opinion hard,so I think that it was good work.



Today's project was "playing with shadow" and make group of 4 or 5 people.The teacher gave each group different type of music.We discussed about how performance would we do with shadow and the music after listened music.Our music was like an Opera.A woman sing sadly but it is a little bit mysterious.First of all,we focused on the tone and deal of woman's voice and make graph of that.The second,we made story by that graph.3 type of waves was made by a tone of voice and we expressed strangeness by the mermaid transform monster.And then I made storyboard of our performance on the sketchbook.We had to move to music without seeing time.It was so difficult for me,but my group mate remembered that and we checked about timing each other.Making story from music is very interesting for me,because I often imagine the situation that follow lyrics of music when I listen music.I think that it is common among girls.It may be not only girls,but also boys.if I have next chance to do that,I would like to try to make with the exact opposite genre of this music.




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