Unit 7 started from today. I researched two theme and collage on the sketchbook to show what are my themes. My first themes were "illusion" and " wind makes shape". I do not why I choose these themes, just came up with these when I was thinking what I am going to do in unit 7.One of my themes "wind makes shape" is a little bit narrow range for unit 7, because I have much time to make work in unit 7, approximately 3 months. So I think the theme should be more broad. That is why I decided "Illusion" is my final theme in foundation course.

I had to do presentation in the class today, but I did not go there, because of UP.I was not finished making portfolio for fashion UP which is on 10th and 11th. Moreover, I also have UP of Jewellery tomorrow. 



I had my last UP, is LCF textile print. As almost students' first choice may be CSM, everyone was more calm down before started UP than yesterday. Moreover, LCF tutors were always smiling when we were doing presentation. So I could tell a tutor what I wanted to say completely.

After finished  all of my UP activities, I could not feel a sense of release from it. The UP tension will may keep following me until I will see result.



Today, I joined shooting that is a Japanese hair stylist's portfolio for hair styling  competition, and also my portfolio as a fashion stylist. My future dream is to be fashion stylist who not only do styling, but also design clothes.So I sometimes help a fashion stylist as an assistant.

A Japanese hair stylist was looking for fashion stylist on MIXB (Japanese notice board in the internet) before. It was chance to have experience as stylist, because I did not have any portfolio yet. The portfolio is very necessary to be stylist at the first. It shows my works to the client and could be helpful to get new job. 

In beginning of shooting, I joined instead of a fashion stylist as an assistant. However, all stylings that she choose are did not suit the model. And then shooting team ask me " Can you do styling by your clothes?" It was such a short notice, but I accept their request for step forward to approach my future dream. They were very kind to let me do it freely.

Actually, I could not be happy with my works. TO do styling for others is more difficult than to do for me. It need balance between clothing and the model's style, hair styling, and their face. This shooting taught me difficulty of this job.




Today, I increased the pages of my sketchbook. At the starting point of to make sketchbook, I always go into deep thinking, because it change the way of my work. The sketchbook is not only for inform my idea to the others, but also for I understand the way of my development. 



I joined fashion shooting of Japanese team today. It was the first time I did  styling all  by myself for shooting. The client who is hair stylist ready any budget for clothing. So I have to collect it at the shop which is fast fashion brand, like TOPSHOP, H&M, Primark, because I can refund products easily and  almost stylist have done it at the beginning of their carrier.

While shooting, I felt heavier responsibility to the job as a stylist than when I was an assistant. The professional does not have to create their work  for the client which does not persuade them. In my work, it is also very important, because to be happy with my work or idea in middle of the project could make a work to be going to get even better surely. So I always would like to be happy with my work.



Today I had the English class for preparation of English progress test on end of May. So I did not attend the JFFA class.

After the class, I made calendar and my schedule each day until Assessment for make me understand what I should I do on a day, because  I am sometimes confuse that whether my work pace is slow or not and can I finish making Unit7 work.



I was making latex sheets as test in the class. To dry latex completely takes long time (Minimum 6hours). So I tried to paste latex very flat and thin on the hard paper for drying quickly.And waited for approximately 2 hours. It was success to dry latex for short time.

However,when I tear off the latex from the paper, the paper adhere to the latex. My friend suggested me to wet it, because she guessed paper gonna be brittle and we can remove paper from the latex easier than before. It was very helpful to peal off the paper, but we could not remove it completely. And then I feel I should use a plastic sheet or cutter board instead of the paper at the next time.

In addition, latex is sticking each other when I  was making work.I am not sure, but I considered the reason why did happen the problem is not to dry latex for the time which was written on the manual. To according the manual is very important to avoid failure.



For making new model, I went to fabric shop, Wool crest in this afternoon. Ordinarily, I visit John Lewis to look for fabric, because I did not know other good fabric shop. In this case, I found out this shop from 3DDA Suppliers list. 

There are a lot of kind of fabric as difficult as to find out the fabric quickly which I want to use for my work, and these are sold very cheap price. Unfortunately, I could not buy any fabric, because the shop accept only cash. But I forget bring my wallet at my flat then I have only  my credit card. 



I went to airport in the noon today, because my friend came to London to meet me. I am really glad to meet her in London. It was the first time that my friend come to London, I felt it  was strange that my friend was in London.



I visited  Rye with my Japanese friend which is old city and located in south of east of England today. The landscape was totally different to London. The city was surround by a field, the old rows of house still remain in the city. All inhabitants of Rye are very kind to visitor and I felt time goes by slowly here. I was cured and could forget my busy life in London by the atmosphere of the city.

In the afternoon, we visited a beach, Camber Sands which we can go there by the bus from Rye. There are not any special things there, but the great view spread out beside the sea. I can express using any words, It was really great holiday for me during foundation course.




Finally, I decided to gave up that making the sheets of latex by my self last night. So I went to the rubber shop which is located in near by King's cross station before attend the class. There are not only rubber, but also sponge materials, the latex sheet, the silicon sheet, and some kind of tube. And then I bought the white latex sheets ( but it is yellowish a bit). It is totally different from the latex that I made by myself. Now I understand that It needs the high level skills to use the liquid latex.



As the second test, I used the balloon for the material of inside of latex. The hardness, shape were very near my ideal. However, I worry the balloon will deflate until exhibition if I start making now or bursts at the exhibition. So I passed over the balloon for the material.



My friend gave me a fluffy material which is made of high-polyester.And then I put it into the latex piece as a trial. And it was keeping the softness how I try to push it forcefully. So I am going to use this material for inside of the latex. 

In addition, I started sewing around the latex pieces which are for final piece, also stitching on the acetate as the pattern of the skin. These two works were easier for me in the project, because  I have learned sewing skills.




I continued doing same as yesterday. After I went back home, I started considering how will I hang pieces on  the body with the tube which is made from the leather and wool. To use glue for to connect these is easy way, but it may be going to make the visual of my work bad. I used sewing skill for making other pieces. So I tried to sew the tube and latex pieces. To be honest, I can not say it was good way, because the thread appear in some parts of my work.  Fortunately, these are not noticeable, but I may be going to need to mend it.



I had CSM fashion UP today. It was the most important day for me. Before UP, all of students who apply fashion waited in front of the room during BA tutors was looking at our portfolio. Everyone's faces were scarily and there are a tense atmosphere. It made me more nerves than Jewellery UP. Some JFFA students also apply fashion courses. We cheered up each other for removing a fear and to make us calm down.

In the half of UP, the atmosphere was getting genial. However, an accident happened me that BA tutor of 2 different courses came to me at the same time. It means I had to do presentation to 2 courses. I thought I am going to show different project each tutors. I was in panic.Fortunately, I could relax quickly. And then I showed them one of my works which is Small change project, because my first choice is fashion print and its my work which was used printing technique is best for approaching to this course.

One of tutor who is  in fashion print said " your work is so printing".  I don't know how did they feel about my work and whether is her saying good meaning or bad, but I am glad  she can understand my first choice is fashion print. My work, sketchbook and portfolio could tell them the most important thing.



As a primary research, I visited  at British museum. A lot of traditional Greek stuff were displayed in there. For example, the statues,  the accessories and the material which ancient Greek had used. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera for recording these, so I recorded it by iPhone. When I finished see half of exhibits, the  battery of my iPhone dead. In addition, I felt that I need to get knowledge about Greek mythology by this visit, becauseSome exhibits are related to Greek mythology. To study more let me to understand more deeply. 



As I got the advice from my tutor yesterday which I focus on one story or a character from Greek myths, I read some stories about Zeus' affair on the book that stories were written more specific than the book that I read last time. I tried to imagine the scene while reading sentence over and over again. 



3DDA students attended the lecture about exhibition and final assessment. Karla said us detail of exhibition. And then I thought that I have to make plans which how will I going to display my own work, what do I need or have to submit for assessment, and how am I going to shoot on photo session day. I remembered my schedule list which I made 2days ago during the lecture, and compare with each deadlines. The exhibition will come after only 1 month. There is only a small amount of time left for me. I need to reschedule in order to avoid pressure when the days are near deadline.



Today was the last day in London for my friend. Then we visited the British museum to see mummy at the section of Egypt, because we have never seen the real mummy. My friend know it by the guide book and told me about it. The mummy which was called Ginger is the oldest mummy. It became mummy by chance, and people learned  how to make mummy by to examine Ginger.  At the first time to see the Ginger, It was very weird because it is too real. However, after a while, I felt  to save dead person as a mummy is mystic tradition, because they do not change  for ever, it is like they live eternally. 



I was making  a base of my work by stitching the tube which is made of a soft leather and a handle of wool. To stitch the tube together is a little bit hard to go through the needle, because my needle was weak to the hardness of the tube, so I have to pull the needle from the tube forcefully.This action irritated my hands and  my fingers became  red by friction  when the needle go through the tube. That is why I was sewing it and resting at interval. If there are  a protective equipment for finger, I could do work more smoothly...



Today we did not have the class, because there is UP of Jewellery. I was up all night in library for making portfolio. Actually, I already finished making it for Jewellery, but I need other portfolio which approach fashion for tomorrow and day after tomorrow. After displayed my work and portfolio at the morning, I wanted to sleep for short time. However, I could not sleep,because I had to think about presentation at UP, how can I explain my work, and inform my idea to BA tutor for 2min. I tried to make note what I am going to say. Then I remember previous crit that I did presentation to BA tutor when I was looking memo. when people tell others something, speaker should do eye contact with listener, So I often saw tutor during my presentation. It means to repeat see tutor and my note. But, in the middle of presentation, I was confuse which sentence  I am reading now.That is why, I decided to be going to do presentation without memo.

I tensed up when enter the room that there are BA tutors. We could notice each other that everyone was very nervous, because some people‘s faces were stiffen. Other people's hand was shaking.  Since I could understand we were in same situation and  have same feeling, this situation made me relax little bit.



The next day of UP finished, I could slept well for long time without worrying what time do I have to wake up. When I woke up this morning, I could feel sense of release from UP for the first time. The morning is the most comfortable for me in foundation course.

I went to library to start doing research for Unit 7 this after noon. Actually, I did not intend to go there, because today is the first day after I finished all UP activities. However, other JFFA students already started making sketchbook for 3 days that I had UP.That is why, I thought I need to work today.



I joined the home party in the flat of my friend to night. Actually it was for the research of my friend's work which the theme is "share".  She cooked all of foods and prepare the party for us, and we share the foods for her research. 



 At the first, I decided my concept, is "Zeus affair" , because the stories are the best for inform the Greek gods have the natural human feelings. 



I had progress tutorial of unit 7 in  the afternoon today. 

At the beginning of tutorial, my tutor asked me what I am going to do in unit 7? and what do I want to make in my final project. Then I explain my thinking and eager for unit 7, but I could not my own thinking ,what do I want to do in unit7 while I was talking with tutor. I think my goal of the project is not  clear yet in my brain. On the other hand, tutor guess my theme might make me confuse, because my theme,"GODS" is too broad topic.

In my research,  I read many stories of Greek myth that are related to Gods. However, to try to understand more deeply about Greek  mythology made me confuse, because Greek mythology has a lot of stories and characters compare with the mythology  of other country.  So I am going to focus on one story or a character from Greek myths.



In the class, we drew the our own current design on the tracing paper which we practiced drawing each parts of human body tracing the model. Usual my drawing is rather likely than between fashion illustration and graphic illustration. It means I need to practice drawing more 3D and real such life drawing.  Then I regret that my free time was not spent in practice drawing these days. 



I was absent the class today, too. My friend told me tutor said we have to look for the model for our own work until photo session day which is on 21th of April).

Now, I'm thinking that I want to use a male model who can take off clothes at the shooting. In my opinion, it easy to find out such male model, but I need a man whose face could give people strong impression as second important point for my work.

My original idea came from Zeus. He is king of Gods and was scared by other Gods and people. It means I have the image of Zeus which he is strongest among Gods. I think the leader should have scary atmosphere for making retainer follow him, also their face should appear to be a man of strong character. I often observe CSM students in library for hunting the model, but can not find out yet.




I went to Tate Modern this afternoon, because on last Thursday, one of my friends, Wenju told me "Phillip Guston's work is got inspiration from human legs, and your work is also got inspiration from legs. So I suggest you should go to see his work at Tate Modern".  It is very helpful to increase my research and to develop idea.

To see art works live have some advantage compare with we see it on the internet or books. For example , it could give us more huge impact,we can see more detail, and I sometimes could feel mysterious atmosphere from works.

These days I did not have a chance to visit museum. However, it is very necessary for me today, because my expertise of art is less than my friends. They always spend their free time effectively in their hobby and their study. On the other hand, I am usually lazy on holiday and not good at time management. Tutor always say time management is most important to work with others, like we have to observe the deadline and  not to be late appointment.  These are general common sense for workers. I need to reconsider my own self.



I was looking pictures which are some artists' works on pinterest for rethinking material today. Now I focus on the surface of human skin, because to express it by using materials which are not similar to skin is more interesting for me. A art student, Amy Kelly who graduated from Birmingham city university made textile which she used embroidery layers of plastic sheets and fabrics is looks like I watch human skin by microscope.  There aren't a caption how to make it, but I am going to try to make it with relying on picture of the textile and material.



As the first day in London for my friend, I took her city of London to show the representative places  of London For example, Big Ben, Buckingham palace, Westminster abbey, beside of the themes river and tower of London. Actually I have been these places before, but it was fun for me, because to go around the city make me find out the good shop and discover new side of London. 



As a holiday, I went a short trip to Oxford with my friend and visited the Christchurch which was used the shooting of the movie, "Harry Potter". And then I was thinking about Christianity. In  Christianity, the symbol is Jesus Chris and he was called the son of the Gods. He took a human body and became both man and God. In my case, the characteristic and the action of Jesus is exactly  the same image for the gods. He relieve the people who are sick and people in need. In Greek Gods case, they can relive people in the area each their own domain, but their power sometimes torment people when they get angry. go to the underworld. I think Greek Gods are very selfish compare with Jesus Christ.



In the class, I made the mini model of latex. In my opinion, to use sewing skill is the best way to connect the latex together.  And then I tried to use the sewing machine, because it  could be the shortening of work hours. Unfortunately,  the surface of back of the latex is like a skid and it is not possible to slip the latex sheets on the machine. It means the sewing machine does not work on my work. This problem make my time schedule changed drastically.  As a next step, I made the 3D shape using the latex sheets by hand sewing. At the beginning  of making, It takes for 30 minute for to sew the mini model. The thread for stitching is too thin for the latex, It goes through when I pull it. And I tried to use the thread which is for embroidery. However, it was getting ravel  by the friction which cause when the thread go through the latex.

I need to buy other type of  strong thread tomorrow.



In today's class, I considered about the material for inside of Latex. The soft material is better to approach real women's body. I wanted to make the pieces to be plump.  I push 100% cotton into the latex, but the result is same as the first test (the sponge).



I continued to sew the latex and make main pieces.



We had photo shooting by professional photographer today. Actually I did not finish making until before 1hour my shooting time. I asked Helmert to be the model of my work, because I need the model who has strong image and the atmosphere that people are afraid of. In my opinion, he usually smile  when he is talking with students  in the class and his characteristic is very friendly. However  I sometimes saw his serious face that is different than usual. It was dignified.

To do shooting with professional photographer is not first time for me. Moreover, Helmert posed and changed expression by himself. So I could finish shooting very fast compare with other. I informed him my concept and asked him to imagine he is Zeus, he is king of GODS and he is the strongest exist in the world. Then he practiced to express my order in the front of the mirror.  I felt that all of shooting team understand the concept or theme of work is very important and make photo shoot more smoothly today.



I got mental fatigue  today by I often woke up all night to work hard for UP these days. Fortunately, I did not have a fever or become sick. I considered that I need to take a rest, like to take a walk, to cook food and to spend time in my hobby without thinking Unit7. 

To work hard is necessary for art students and hard workers was praised, but it is sometimes stressful, like make people be tired and be mentally pressured. I need to find work pace that I do not feel stress.



At this morning, I went to the centre of London to see the fashion show of Japanese brand. TOGA,  Recently, the brand moved a base from Tokyo to London. To have business overseas is not easy way, but she is not satisfied with the current situation in Japan, and strict with herself. To be afraid of the fail make people stop growing and take up a chance from them. So I am really proud of the designer of TOGA. 



In the class, I did model making  simply today which the design is I drew in last class. Tutor gave us some material, for example the hard paper, the wire, strings, and wood pieces.

Actually I could not come up with design such I think it is interesting, Moreover, the hard material is necessary for my design, but the materials which I used today are a little bit soft.  So To consider about which deign is best for my current idea was difficulty at the present time.These problem possibly caused that all of the models did not convince me.




I met my friend who is in CSM BA Graphic. She was in foundation course last year, and told me how was her unit7. According to her talking,  there are a student finish making final piece for 3days in last foundation course. I was suffer from do not come up with any design yet, She wanted to tell me that I do not need to be in hurry even if I stuck now. She is always a sympathetic supporter of mine.


After that I went to London fields  to buy materials. However, the shop does not accept to pay by credit card. Then I did not have any cash, so I looked for cash machine and try to withdraw cash, but the machine did not work. I had no choice and went back my home without buying anything.



When I visited a pound land, I bought the tread which was made from polyester. I made double thread to withstand the friction. My work went smoothly by it. 

As a next, I consider about the material which I put into the latex pieces. It must be soft and flexible, because I would like to going to express real a touch of women's legs. Women's body have roundness and plump softness. The material will decided the softness of my work. That is why I have to be serious to select the valid material for the pieces.

As the first test,  I picked out the sponge, because my friend happened to have it in the class and gave me. Original hardness of the sponge is soft, but after I push many sponges into the latex, it became harder than former. I think it is not good for my design.

I will do second test tomorrow.



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