Graphic&communication design(WEEK3)



This week is for Graphic&communication design.We made work about two key words.The theme of our group is "Social found objects".We focus on how to connect with people  and took photos by using garbage that we picked up around university and daily necessaries that connect with people.I picked up piece of the belt and umbrella beside the canal.Then I think that these things have story of someone during I went back to the  studio.The garbage could be treasure or memory depends on people.We express relation of people by using garbage and emotion by color of background.



It was the second day of graphic&communication design class today.We chose one of paper which was printed a word or a number.And then add our own ideas to that by using skill of screen print or liner print.I chose "ff".I try to just stare at this words without thinking anything for coming up with ideas and drew some my ideas quickly on the sketchbook.The most favorite my idea among those is like face of person.I think it is seems like eyes of a person who like to eat foods,especially junk foods,so I add the mouth which a person put out his tongue by using screen print.My work is very simple compare with other's,but I really like that.Moreover I could enjoyed making my work.



Today was the last day of GCD class.This project was about  typography.We were given A4 paper and then made words  by using paper and some skill;cutting,folding and tearing.I had to work quickly,but couldn't do it at beginning of the class.Because of I made my work politely.According to expectation,the teacher told me "you should do more quickly,the process is more important.You don't need to work politely now."Then I think that I should waste Japanese spirit that make something politely and beautifully now.I switched my mind and took good care to work after lunch.I think that my work is successful,however,my work of photo was not good,I will try to take photo on other day again.



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