Finally,we present to teacher our own final idea today.My teacher gave me feedback;I should make my idea  more interesting,like connect with contrast,The theme of my idea is "Sexy but elegance",so I connected "unisexual" clothing.For example,religious clothing that hiding body and face.In addition,I focus on the movement.The mesh will be see-through and the body appear by some movement.It arouses men's curious.I think it is more sexy as good meaning than insufficiently-dressed.I prefer this idea compare with previous my idea.The end of the class we walk around for seeing other's sketchbook.Everyone's idea so interesting.Then I got new idea how to use sketchbook by some people's.I will try to make sketchbook better than before.



At the first of today's class,we presented our own research each other.I could not convey my research to classmate.Moreover I feel that telling what I think to others in English is so difficult for me.After that presentation,we drew own 30ideas which connected with 3things(practitioner,material,process) for 30 minutes,but I could not follow time,and came up with 30ideas...And finally,we choose 3ideas from our own 30ideas and develop these.In addition,I got feedback about my ideas from 3people of the same group.They give me two advice;"You should develop more"and"There are different type of mesh,For example,size of interval and should more research and develop your ideas."I could hit upon an idea.It is very interesting to hear others' ideas,because they have different thinking compare with my ideas.



Today I did not have the class,but went to library of CSM for doing research with my friends.The Printer of CSM in library surprise me,because the paper has high quality compare with other campus(I have used the printer of Archway campus' before).Today's research is about Mesh and I discovered that it is used for things that there are around our live,especially in the kitchen!and for clothing as a cloth.I worry about how to use sketchbook...



I did continuation of yesterday research today afternoon.I still have only superficial knowledge of almost things,so research always gives me new discoveries and wealthy knowledge.It is so wonderful!Today's evening I went shopping for dinner and storage food for meal of other day.After shopping I came back to my flat and cut cut cut cut foods........!!It was a change of pace for me,but liquid of onion attacked my eyes and the tears come into my eyes.Moreover My hands that touched onion wiped my eyes,so the tears could not stop flow a while.I really wonder why onion has so strong power...



I did research about Maison Martin Margiera(MMM).This is very famous and popular brand in Japan,but in other country,the brand was not known by many people.The fact is shocking for me,also Japanese.It is possibly there are some designers in japan who have novel idea like Rei Kawakubo from Comme des Garcons and Yohji Yamamoto from the brand same name as him,so they could accept MMM.




Today I start to write here.I was nervous When entered the class room and met my classmates for the first time.We made small group and discussed about three things and expand our opinion,but I could not  follow their discussion,because of my English skill...I was really suffer from that.I need more time for studying English than now and hope that will be able to follow them next week.It is the most important problem to solve for me.Anyway,I will just do my best.



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